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Easy Cash Loans

If you require a personal loan, Ezi Finance are here to help.


We can provide an amount from $500 up to $20,000 over a maximum term of 3 years. You may require guarantor(s) as security. Unsecured loans (If applicable) of up to $5,000.


• No hidden fees

• Zero penalties if you pay out your loan early

• Low establishment fees

• Trained, helpful staff to make your application process easy


Financial Help For Your Current Needs

At Ezi Finance we know that everyday life can be gruelling. Juggling work, family, finances, and social commitments. We have over 20 years of finding financial solutions providing a stress-free service and can tailor a package to your current needs.


The purpose of a loan can vary, from unexpected bills, car repairs, family events or simply needing a holiday. Whatever the purpose, Ezi Finance will tailor the loan to your current needs.

Lending Criteria

If you are applying for the first time; to help us process your application we require proof of identification, proof of address and proof of income.

Please click below to find out what specific documents are required.

Terms and Rates

Terms and Rates


• Loans are between three months and 36 months (three years) preferred.

• Ezi Finance Interest rates range from 15.95% to 29.75%

(Interest rates will depend on value and the term of the loan)

• Our default interest rate is 5% over and above the annual interest rate

(Default Interest is charged on the arrears amount only not the full balance owing)



Service Fees


Establishment Fees

This is a fee for receiving and processing the loan application.  This can vary from a basic restructure to a complex consolidation of your debt. This is an actual cost or transaction value this is  not income based.


Basic Review and Restructures      $145.00

Full Reviews                                 $195.00

Consolidation                                $260.00 – $390.00



Credit Checks Fees


This is Ezi Finance doing their due diligence to ensure that we have full knowledge of the individual borrower’s financial situation.  These vary from $6.90 - $17.42 per client. This is an actual cost or transaction value, this is not income based.



Additional Fees that may be charged


E-Signing Fee                              $1.50

Bank Statement Fee                     $1.95 per bank account

Drivers Licence verification Fee       $0.60 - $1.75

Consumer address trace Fee         $3.45 -$11.00

A credit balance refund fee             $10.00

Insurance Cover (PPI) – Personal Protection Insurance cover is an optional extra. The cost of this may be included in the loan and varies based on loan amount and income source.



Account Maintenance / Administration Fee


This is a fee that is charged per instalment towards the on-going maintenance and processing of a loan. It is a contribution towards an actual cost or transaction value, this is not income based


Weekly Loans           $2.00

Fortnightly Loans       $4.00

Monthly Loans           $8.00



Default Fees


These are the fees that are charged should the loan contract be breached at any stage.  These fees compensate Ezi Finance for the costs incurred by us in order that we enforce or remedy a breach under the agreement


Default Fee                $3.00 per missed payment

E-Mails                     $10.00 Per e-mail

Letters                      $15.00 per letter

Home Visits              $45.00 per visit (Local)

Ezi Finance charge no early settlement fee

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Applying Online Is Easy

We have made it even easier for you to apply for your cash loan online.

Simply fill out our online form, and one of our helpful Ezi Finance team members will be in touch with you.


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About Us

Ezi Finance are a locally owned company, serving the Whanganui Region in giving financial assistance for over 20 years providing our customers with responsible lending options.


We are proud supporters of our community getting behind the sponsorship of the Braves Softball Team, the Special Children’s Extravaganza, the Wanganui Cossie Club and Foster Kids Family Fun Day.

Ezi Finance Gives Away Thousands!


In March Ezi Finance teamed up with MORE FM to help families in the community with Bills that had become something of a problem.


It was an unprecedented success with over 250 people asking to have their bill ‘killed’ on Facebook.

Ezi Finance Braves Take on The Mustangs


Sunday March 10th at the Whanganui Ballpark in Gonville, the Ezi Finance Braves and the Mustangs faced each other.  This was a historical local derby as there hadn’t been a local game here in Whanganui for ten years.


Ezi Finance are proud sponsors of The Braves and this was a family friendly day with a lolly scramble and a pitching display against the public by Brad Worsley.


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You can find Ezi Finance at Suite 22, 225 Wicksteed Street in Whanganui


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Complaints Process

Our goal is to provide a high level of service to our clients every time. However, should you not be satisfied, we invite you to lodge a complaint with us in the first instance. We will endeavour to resolve your complaint within 20 days through our internal process. If we are unable to settle the matter within this time frame, you should then contact Financial Services Complaints, who will investigate your concerns promptly and impartially through an external disputes resolution process. You can contact Financial Services Complaints on 04 472 FSCL (472 3725) or visit their website at www.fscl.org.nz

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